Whether you are looking to sell, rent or acquire a new building, Sower Estates will be able to assist you! We provide advice on all aspects of lettings, sales and property acquisition ranging from appraisals to the bespoke creative and proactive marketing approach. In addition to these we offer, landlords gas safe certificates and EPCs for Domestic and Commercial at affordable competitive prices.

Services at a Glance

  • Sales & Lettings Commercial Property

  • Commercial Property Management

  • Surveyor Services

  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

  • Gas Safety Certificates (CP12)

  • Rent Review & Lease Renewal

  • Business for Sale


Business for Sale

Selling a business is not like selling a house. The prospects that a business is up for sale affect employees, customers, suppliers and stir up an unsettling emotion, which are only favourable to an investor seeing a distressed sale. We understand that confidentiality is vital and therefore request all prospective buyers sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) before releasing detailed information.

Property for Let

A reliable tenant equate to reliable rental income, therefore choosing the right tenant is essential for long-term peace of mind and securing of your investment. We are committed to providing this "right" tenant by ensuring that financial backing is not the only test. Providing the landlord with much information as possible so that informed decisions are made intelligently.


Property for Sale

Properties are somewhat like people they come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore it would have been easier to have the same marketing strategy for all properties. However in the ideal world it may not work - experience tells us otherwise hence each property, whether it be shop, garage, office, land, car wash, etc., they all should be customised to identifying the selling point.

Property Management

So much of what is considered property management today is actually collecting the money and waiting for a problem to arise to then manage. We are proactive in ensuring that the scope of work for the year is forecasted and with milestones and indicators to ensure that we are proactive and sensitive to our clients' finances, for we understand that if maintenance issues become the leading focus - then there is loss to investment.