We Reap What We Sow

Sower Estates was founded in October 2010. The name Sower Estates, is derived from the Parable of the Sower. We believe that our relationships in business should be authentic and without the eager desperation to make a profit as the means to all ends. Therefore our philosophy is driven by the value of our relationships which are of greater worth than the properties we trade.



Sower Estates is an independent estate agent. Our goal is matching businesses and properties with people. We provide a bespoke marketing approach for each listing utilising creativity and innovation. The knowledge and experience gained throughout many years of working within the commercial sector have provided insight and foresight to marketing strategies.


Brendon Naicker, Founder

A determined entrepreneur – born and raised during the apartheid South Africa, understands what it's like to live with riches and dine among the elite, and who has lived for a short spell penniless as a youth. An advocate of the ordinary human being, decency and exercising propriety, a must!  A peoples person with a gargantuan heart and a tenacity for fighting for the underdog! A life with flashes of opulence, a wealth of educational achievements, a dash of homelessness and a lot of travel.

Next Steps...

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